The Chateau’s history

In the heart of the forest of Cellier was built in the first part of the XIXth century a very beautiful residence of neoclassic style known as “Château de la Forêt”.

Its green setting of 20 hectares is exceptional. In the past, the forest was even bigger and its exploitation allowed to get a good income. Hence the presence of this large building whose architecture is reminiscent of the “Folies” of the Nantes region, these magnificent country houses built by rich merchants, shipowners or magistrates, from the second half of the 18th century. They are also reminiscent of the “Malouinières” near Saint-Malo, or the “Chartreuses” of Bordeaux.

Famous people have stayed there: the lawyer, journalist and writer Emile Souvestre, the great actress Marie Dorval, the painter William Turner, the novelist Jules Sandeau and more recently, the poet René-Guy Cadou.

An ecological site

The site is developed in a way that is sustainable and respectful for the environment: